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SPAM FOR YOU. [Dec. 11th, 2004|08:32 pm]
~*Moonlit Rhapsody*~
[mood |crazycrazy]
[music |Harajuku Girls - Gwen Stefani]

RANDOM SPAM while I wait for FULL METAL ALCHEMIST to come on. :D Three and a half more hours over here on the east coast until episode 6.

...I know I can spam here because this place is dead. And I'm bored. And I'm Meg! <3

So. How's everyone? I haven't heard from you guys a lot lately (other than Hea XD), and I can't help but wonder how Xiao, Rina, and Aria are doing! Send me an email sometime - my addy is yuugure@gmail.com and I check it everyday, so you'll get a fast reply. ;D

Yes. Okay. I'm done with teh omgwtf!SPAM111.

From: rinakou
2004-12-12 07:04 am (UTC)

Meg aka Amy of Baku-Ten!!

Aye, spamming is good..sometimes! XD I miss you too! Hmm..I'm doing fine, I'm watching Fruits Basket again. I just finished the thirteenth episode and wow..Akito's such a freak and yet he's a she.. -.-

Oh! If you have the 3rd disc of Furuuba, go to the "Extras" menu and mash in "10" with the buttons on your remote OR highlight "Character "Profiles" and press the left arrow, then top, right, lower and finally left - afterwards press "Enter"..there's a hidden extra!

~Ri <3's Meg
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From: meggu
2004-12-12 07:06 pm (UTC)

Re: Meg aka Amy of Baku-Ten!!

XD Akito's weird... and when I found out that he's OMGWTF a girl, I was like, "o___o; Whaaat?" I feel bad for the anime directors, because of course they didn't know, since the manga wasn't that far along then. XD It really screws things up.

Yes! I've heard of that hidden extra! Whenever I find my Furuba DVDs, I'll try it!

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